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Exhibition hall design planning construction

Enterprise exhibition hall design, planning museum design, museum design, red culture exhibition hall design, science education exhibition hall design, memorial hall, big data exhibition hall design, smart exhibition hall design, intelligent exhibition hall design。Provide one-stop services such as overall creative planning, space design, multimedia interactive display design, digital content production, interactive software program development, construction and after-sales!

Exhibition hall service


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Project case


Chongqing Meiansen technology stock enterprise exhibition hall
Yangtze River Museum of Sound Memory
Science and technology exhibition hall of Dadi Enterprise Park
Paho College Pavilion
Chenghua Honor Showroom
Sha District Party School red rock spirit education memorial Hall
Longevity poverty alleviation Center
Jiangjin Planning Exhibition Hall
Farming culture center
Exhibition hall of China Petroleum Gas Mine
Kaizhou folk music culture Hall
Tongliang Meteorological Museum experience center
Longevity Pomelo Museum
Chongqing archives
Yongchuan Planning Museum
Anti-Japanese War Museum
Northern Hengtai Industry exhibition Hall
Dazu village Culture Center
Tongnan Electric Power Company
Yongchuan Kechuang Exhibition Hall

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